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Sunday, November 24, 2013

One Girl, One Wishbone

Wishbone sits in the heart of Brixton's private market, vying for that edgy factor along a street of restaurants all wanting to provide that 'cool' feel. The low key lighting, bar stool seating and hip hop music creates an atmosphere that is chilled for a simple menu. 

There is a choice of wings, thigh bites, burgers and sides. Unsure whether or not nacho cheese sauce on fried chicken would go, the Korean wings were ordered and the Thai thigh bites to continue the Asian flair. 

The hot mess actually was more mess than hot on this occasion. I've heard this was like the hot version of eaton mess, so was mildly disappointed by the fried (frozen) hash browns. 

The nacho cheese style sauce was an interesting addition, but the saving grace were the gherkins. Everyone loves a good pickle. 

The mac n cheese bites were great, actually. Real American (boxed) mac n cheese - yum! 

Home comfort stodge, not so good on the diet front, but that's what you get in a fried chicken eatery!

The black eyed pea salad, was actually pretty fresh tasting. Crunchy onions, cool tomatoes. Perhaps the healthiest option on the menu. 

Provided a nice change to the fried goodies. 

The Korean style chicken wings were a sort of spicy pickle-y type sauce smothered on battered fried chicken. Not your usual KFC batter, but sort of floured batter instead. Really crispy, yet the actual meat was soft and succulent. 

The first bite was delicious, but then the sauce got a bit over powering, still good chicken though!

The Thai bites were coated in maybe a buttermilk batter, and though slightly plain, were a good flavour change from the Korean style. 

The mint and lime garnish made the dish pleasantly refreshing too. 

A mish-mash of tastes from the American style mac n cheese to the Korean style battered wings, I'm not really sure what to make of it. But one thing is for sure, it's cheap and it's chicken! Perfect for a quick snack or a mighty feast, and great if you're not on a diet. 

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