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Sunday, October 20, 2013

One Girl, Two Macaroons

You'd be crazy not to love these little bites of crispy chewy creamy ganache-y goodness - unless of course you're allergic to nuts ...!

However, if like me you're not, then I cannot recommend Pierre Hermé and Laduree enough! Though France is only a stone's throw away, it's not always easy to go back and forth whenever a macaroon whim flies by. 

Pierre Hermé is a renowned French patisserie chef who is famed for his macarons. Alongside this, Pierre Hermé (London) also have incredible truffles and even vegan options. 

Of the two, his macarons are slightly more chewy, and slightly more adventurous flavours. 

Then you have Laduree, a lovely boutique. Here they offer tea, savouries and sweets. 

These macarons have a more crispy crumble husk (making cutting rather difficult). 

Both taste and look absolutely divine.

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